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Exhibit A Cyber prides itself on its secure, modern, and accurate data preservation. 

All processes at Exhibit A Cyber start with the safety and security of our customer data. Physical security, strong encryption, and rigorous process control are fundamentals that are satisfied above and before all other processes. At every stage of a case all the way through to delivery, the security and integrity of our client data is protected. 


To provide speedy and convenient service, we utilize:

Full Service Remote Support

High-Speed Drives

Customer Focused Features.

Our forensic investigations are conducted by rigorously trained and equipped professionals and no detail is too small, or challenge too large, for our investigative team.


We design our processes to be eco-friendly, using sustainable packaging, efficient travel options, and other environmentally friendly business methods. Minimizing waste and carbon footprint is a core mission statement of our company.


Meticulous record keeping and verification is the cornerstone of our process. Our passion is understanding client objectives and ensuring we exceed them.

Image by Christopher Gower

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to build long, healthy relationships with our customers through professionalism, respect, and excellent service.

Our values focus on one word, integrity. We are are a fact-based organization that stands behind what we say and what we report on. Our clients put their trust in us, and we put the upmost value in that trust.

Exhibit A Cyber aims to to provide the highest standard of digital forensics and legal services. Emphasizing continuous employee training and rigorous attention to process integrity is our foundation, supporting reliable evidence, accurate discovery, and critical insights.

Our History

Exhibit A Cyber was built on the side of a rock wall. The founders met in college at Cal Poly Pomona. They were in the same Digital Forensics and Computer Security degree program when they met at the school climbing gym.


As one person belayed the other, talk of how to better handle data and build a better service for business owners became the focus. A spark was ignited that would one day culminate in the creation of Exhibit A Cyber.


Fast forward several years and the decision to strike out on a new venture was made, with the founders having a healthy list of credentials and accomplishments to stack on their considerable experience. Long discussions on how things could be done better in the computer forensics industry were detailed over meals and hanging from ropes at the local climbing gym. Exhibit A Cyber was born with the stubborn desire and clear direction on how to do things better.


We are proud of the superior services and experience we provide for our clients, and look forward to providing you the best the digital forensics industry has to offer.


Ready to see how we can help your business? Schedule a free consultation. 

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