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Exhibit A Cyber values your data and strives to provide the full scope of electronic discovery services needed by your law firm. We pride ourselves in our secure evidence handling and processing methods, exceeding many companies in the industry.

We support both forensic and non-forensic cases and can consolidate and manage data from hundreds of devices. We can also carefully carve artifacts on a per-custodian basis, while ensuring our data and analysis services exceed industry standards. 


Surpassing customer expectations is our standard.


Professional eDiscovery and forensic technology services supporting the legal industry. This can include data and evidence recovery from computers, phones, icloud, and more.

Professional Services

Services and technical support to meet business objectives from disaster recovery planning to ransomware protection.

Forensic Analysis

Legal, forensically sound evidence handling and collection. Encrypted, deleted, or hidden data recovery along with customized reporting and expert witness testimony. 

Data Consolidation

Consolidate data from cloud, computers, tablets, phones, digital recorders, and other devices for estate management, legal proceedings, or business needs.

​​Our Pricing Plan

Exhibit A Cyber prides itself on transparent and accurate pricing.

Contact us and we will generate an accurate, tailored estimate for your case or business goals. 

Computer Processor

Business Security Audit 

Is your business secured? Our team will perform a full audit of your systems and processes to ensure you are best protected against ransomware, malware, and other cyber attacks.

Neat Computer Desk

Estate Data Consolidation

We have worked closely with those going through the hardest times to make sure that the data on their loved one’s devices reaches those who need it most. Dozens of devices including phones, computers, tablets, and dated or uncommon hardware can be conveniently consolidated to meet our clients' needs.

Forensic Accounting

‌Using disclosed and discovered account records, emails, purchase history, and financial data (ESI) to analyze assets, our in-house CPA’s will analyze and report on recovered financial information. This can be used for asset recovery, probate cases, or fraud/embezzlement investigations. 

Computer Office Work

Expert Testimony

‌Exhibit A Forensics is able to provide an in-depth expert review of key evidence including context, location, and discovery method.

‌Data is able to be used in court proceedings and defendable by expert testimony.


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